The CGénial Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to increase interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) among middle and high school students, and to encourage them to pursue careers in these fields. To achieve this, we bring together companies and educational stakeholders (teachers, guidance counsellors, school principals, etc.) to face the challenges of today and tomorrow.


our Goals

  • Promote scientific, technical, and digital careers as well as their diversity and opportunities.
    • Stimulate scientific vocations, among girls and boys.
    • Engage corporate employees – technicians, engineers, researchers – to inspire students by highlighting their professions and career path.
    • Illustrate science and technology teaching with examples of business applications.


our values

  • Engagement : We engage every day to carry out our societal mission and respect our commitments. All our parties involved - partners, company employees, teachers, students - are involved in accomplishing the projects.
  • Generosity : This value is expressed by the time devoted by the volunteers participating in our actions and the financial contributions of our partners, which are essential for our impact.
  • Enthusiasm : It’s the pleasure of spreading the passion for sciences and for the related professions. Our enthusiasm grows when we open news horizons for young people. For the employees taking part in our projects, it's a breath of fresh air. We are deeply optimistic.
  • Open-mindedness : Opening the doors of companies to audiences – teachers, students – who aren’t familiar with them. Exchange, connect. It’s also the CGénial spirit : remain open and curious.
  • Ingenuity : We strive for agility in the way we address issues, by bringing quick and concrete answers and adapt to the evolving context.



Through the commitment of professionals in the world of education and business, we carry out several key actions :


Discovering careers :
  • Engineers and technicians in classes : we organize and coordinate meetups between school classes and young engineers and technicians. Carried out throughout France, secondary school students can discuss about the professional activity of a speaker and his career.


  • Digital events : students and professionals meet monthly and discuss STEM-related topics and careers (for example: chemistry, aeronautics, transportation, cybersecurity, etc.). In addition, students can chat online with professionals over the course of Career Week, which is held twice a year.
Engaging with companies :
  • Company visits for teachers : secondary school teachers and professionals can visit production, innovation, or R&D sites across the country. They gain field knowledge to illustrate the lessons and provide students with concrete examples of the professional world.
Practicing science & technology :
  • The CGenial Contest : coordinated in a partnership with the Ministry of National Education, this competition allows young people, assisted by their teachers, to present an educational and innovative project in many disciplines such as physics, chemistry, mathematics, technology, life and earth sciences, etc. and win a reward on a regional or national scale.


  • Yes We Code! : we support students and their teachers in creating digital projects using a kit of connected objects (educational programmable cards and sensors). In addition to developing coding skills, students innovate and develop an experimental approach to science and technology.


CGénial Connect :

In 2020 we created CGénial Connect: an online platform that allows teachers to directly contact companies and their employees, to explore STEM careers or visit industrial or technology sites. The platform allows its users to engage furthermore in promoting these fields among middle and high school students, everywhere in France.


A strong partnership with the French national education system

All the CGénial Foundation activities are conducted in partnership with the Ministry of National Education. A framework agreement was signed in 2011 and was renewed in 2014, 2017 and in 2021, to develop our activities within the National Education system.

This close collaboration is reflected by the active work between the Foundation and the ministerial committee "Sciences à l’Ecole".


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